Mobdro App: The New Popular Video Streaming App For Everyone

Mobdro is a video streaming app that has been gaining an immense amount of popularity. Thousands of people all across the globe are using it for streaming videos, movies, TV shows, sports, music videos and much more. Mobdro collects video content from several popular websites and makes them available for the user to watch.

Mobdro is an entertainment app that can allow you to watch your favorite TV shows at any time. It collects data from hundreds of website to present you watchable streams of people all around the world. It is classified as one of the best video streaming apps. The app is available for free; however, a premium version is also available with a few additional features.

Requirement and Support

The only requirements for the App are 25 MB of storage space and Android 4.1 or above. By using the app, you can watch videos and shows according to your own schedule. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Mobdro has attracted a large number of users towards it user base. It is an easy app to use, with the convenient user interface. Everything is available right in front of the user once the app is opened. By using the app, anyone can access video content such as music videos, latest movies, TV shows and much more for them to see.

Difference Across Free and Premium Versions

In the free version of the app, free video streams can be viewed from people all across the globe. These videos can span over different topics and will be available in different languages. The ability to share cross-platform is also available, and with the convenience of a few clicks, it can be shared to your family or friends. Moreover, the videos a user watches can be organized and categorized easily. Bookmarks can also be made to separately categorize videos. The videos can be categorized based upon the language of the video or topic.

In the premium edition of the app, there are a few more features as compared to the free version. The premium version allows for Chrome cast support. It also allows support for the videos to be saved offline and a user can watch these videos later on, without connecting to the internet. Lastly, is also removes all types of ads from the app and no longer hassling your video viewing experience.


The performance of the app is fast, however, the videos may be a hit or miss. While there are some incredibly interesting and cool videos you may find, some videos may just be random and not related to your interest at all.

Watch All TV Channels

Furthermore, with the Mobdro app, you can watch your favorite channels such as HBO, Cartoon Network, BBC news and sports channels such as ESPN, NBA TV, Fox Sports, BT Sports etc. for free, without any further hassles.

Video enthusiasts, who love Youtube, will surely love this app as well. It is convenient, well-made and is praiseworthy. The app can be downloaded by searching for its apk on Google or any other major engine.

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